17 Feb

Swimming training continues as normal over February half-term school holidays 18-26 Feb.
Saturday Diddy League training is for 11&12 year olds on 18 Feb and 9&10 year olds on 25 Feb.

All DASC swimmers are invited to enter the first Club Gala of 2017 to be held on Tue 14 March. The closing date for entries is 28 February at 7.30pm.
Gala Information and Entry Form
See Club Gala page for more information.

DASC Times from N&D Championships Weekend 1 Sunderland 4&5 Feb

8 Feb

Entries for Sunderland National Qualifier Level 1 Long Course Gala on 31 March - 2 April are invited from Top, A1, A2, A3 and B1 squads by 28 Feb at 7.30pm. See Forthcoming Galas page

7 Feb

Updated DASC Gala Calendar

Entries for Harrogate Spa Town Gala on 8&9 April are invited from A1, A2, A3 and B1 squads by 14 Feb at 7.30pm. See Forthcoming Galas page.

DASC Times from Rotherham Metro A&B Grade Meet, Sheffield, 21&22 Jan

See Forthcoming Galas page for information on NERASA Championships in May 2017

26 Jan

List of DASC Acceptances for Scarborough Gala 16-18 Jun 2017.
Please note that we have not yet been notified about which pool the gala will be held in.
Swimmers must be ASA registered at Category 2 by the time they swim in this gala. See Jane Teague nearer the time if an upgrade is required.

25 Jan

Entries to the Derwentside Developmental Gala on 4&5 March 2017 at Louisa Centre, Stanley, are invited from A3 and B1 squads (and also from novice swimmers in A1 and A2 squads at coach's discretion). The closing date is 7.30pm on Tue 31 Jan.
See Forthcoming Galas page for more information.

16 Jan

From Wed 18 January 2017, and until further notice, A1 squad's Wednesday session will move from Longfield to Haughton EV 6.30-8.00pm to be a joint session with A2 squad.

Updated training programme from Wed 18 Jan

13 Jan

Diddy League Training resumes on Saturdays at Haughton EV 11.45am-1.15pm, starting on Saturday 14 January with DL age swimmers 9&10 years from any squad. See rota on Diddy League page.
All swimmers of the appropriate age are encouraged to attend.

Congratulations to all the winners of the 2016 Squad Awards presented at the DASC Christmas Event and Annual Presentation held at ROF59 on 22 December.
Coaches' Award Winners

5 Jan

There is no Diddy League training on Sat 7 Jan. It should be restarting on Sat 14 Jan. Information about the Diddy League and  details about training will be posted on the Diddy League page.

3 Jan

Entries to N&D Championships are invited by Sun 15 January from all DASC qualifiers. Information has been sent out by e-mail, or can be found on Forthcoming Galas page.

2 Jan

Happy New Year to all members, parents and friends of DASC.

DASC Times from Middlesbrough Christmas Meet, 10&11 Dec 16

DASC Times from Scottish Nationals, Edinburgh, 9-11 Dec 16

Membership Renewal Packs will be available to collect at Tuesday Club Nights 6.00-7.30pm in January, if you haven't already collected yours.
All existing members of DASC (swimmer/diver/coach/parent member/volunteer) who wish to continue as members of DASC in 2017 will need to complete, sign and return a 2017 DASC membership form.
All swimmers and divers will need to pay annual DASC membership fees and annual ASA registration fees.
Most swimmers and some divers need to change their monthly standing order payment for squad fees from January. 
See Membership page for more information.

27 Dec

DASC Times from Derwentside Christmas Cracker Level 3 Meet, Stanley, 3&4 Dec 2016

DASC Fees 2017

DASC Membership Form 2017

The next opening dates for the club swim shop are Tuesday 10 Jan and 24 Jan 5.30-7.00pm on the poolside at the Dolphin Centre.

Diddy League page updated

1 Dec

Club Gala Records after Club Gala 4

Skins 2016 Results

December Updates

29 Nov

Results from Club Gala 4

Many thanks to everybody who played their part tonight helping at the club gala in any way. It was a long night, but there was some excellent swimming and exciting racing.
All swimmers/parents need to remember to record their times in their personal records. Do it soon before you forget!

28 Nov

DASC Times from Tynemouth Winter Gala, Level 3, 19&20 Nov 2016

22 Nov

DASC Times from Glynn Mettam Memorial B Grade Meet, Sheffield, Level 3, Long Course, 19 Nov 2016

NDSA Championships 2017 - Meet Information

17 Nov

Gala Results and Reports page updated

All DASC entrants for Scarborough Gala have had all their entries accepted. If you are booking hotel accomodation, remember to consider booking through easyfundraising if possible.

Updates (Nov 2016)

10 Nov

Club Gala 3 Results (in more detail)

DASC Times from Dander Meet, 9 Oct 16  BOYS   GIRLS

DASC Times from NER SC Championships, Sunderland
Age Groups   Senior & Junior

Photo of NER swimmers on Swimming News page

26 Oct

DASC Updates Oct 16

20 Oct

See Forthcoming Galas page for more information

DASC Competition Calendar updated (Version 3)

10 Oct

Complete Results from Darlington Dander October Meet 2016

Thank you very much to the many who helped in any way with the Darlington Dander 2016. See Dander Meet page for an idea of who was involved.

23 Sep

Christian Brown has competed at the World ITU U20 Sprint Triathlon in Mexico. See Swimming News page.