18 Aug

A2 training at Hummersknott on Thursday 25 Aug is cancelled. A2 can train with A3 at Longfield on:
  • Thursday 25 Aug 5.30-7.00pm
  • Friday 26 Aug 4.45-6.15pm

12 Aug

See Swimming News page for report on Alice Day competing in  the recent Welsh Open Summer Meet.

The pool at Haughton Education Village is closed until the start of next term. Apologies for the short notice about the unplanned closure this week and next week.

29 July

All DASC swimmers from Top1, A1,2&3, B1&2 squads are invited to enter the Darlington Dander October Meet to be held on Sunday 9 October at the Dolphin Centre. The closing date for DASC entries is Tue 13 September at 7.00pm. (Entries from other clubs  need to be in earlier than this date.) See Forthcoming Galas page for information. Look out for an e-mail about it.